Anomalous Environmental Studies Analysts™ Trained Professional Analysts are here to help you. Do you have unexplainable activity in your home or business. Did you know not all unusual events mean Paranormal is involved. Many environmental changes, and man made influences can present a Paranormal Like Event. With that said, Unusual events are still being researched, studied and analized that are Unexplainable. Our Goal, one of many, is to monitor, study and catalog True Paranormal Events. You can contact us discreetly at the following email. We are here when you need us. - In 2005 we started Production on a Documentary, and due to the Elusivness of True Paranormal Events we are still traveling, still researching, still Filming.  Our Goal, to provide absolute proof that Paranormal is Possible......Or that it Isn’t.  Using Science unlike any other organization in the field following this phenomena! Paranormal Studies of Arkansas does not limit itself to Hauntings only, we also Monitor Enviromental Data as it is associated with UFO Reports, Abductions, Cryptozoology and all things deemed Unknown. There is No Hype, No Media Attention, and No Hidden Agenda’s.  Our Goal.  To help the public deal with and understand Paranormal Events.  99% of all Events are Not Paranormal In Nature, But its that 1% we are seeking.  Have we found it.......  Explore the Site and see for yourself! Integrated Science Utilizing reliable equipment for its intended purposes, to analyze the environment at Haunted locations. Emperical collection of data unlike any other organization in the field. Seeking undisputed quantifiable evidence in our travels. Helping those in need, while attempting to understand the universe and its many mysteries around us. Want to join along on our journeys? Welcome To Paranormal Studies of Arkansas “Fere Libenter Homines Id Quod Volunt Credunt” Men willingly believe what they wish.  Because Paranormal Is... Just A State Of Mind. Made with Xara PSA Seeking Answers Since 2005,  we have been to 27 States, and 3 Countries with more on the way in our Quest into The Unknown.  Our Case Studies Number into the Hundreds, and although we have a grasp on what Paranormal may be, it’s still inconclusive. Our Contact, Join Team, and Investigation Request Forms Pages have all been UPDATED. Helping The Public Since 2005 Thinking Outside The Box Meth or Myth?      Thinking outside the box, when considering a Haunted Location.      We conduct highly scientific case studies, and 1 of the 82 Parameters we monitor is a locations residue for a dangerous drug.      Testing a suspected haunting for traces of Methamphetamine.           Meth is a very dangerous and addictive drug on the streets today. You turn on the news and Meth is usually one of the topics that evening. Kids and adults are falling prey to this drug and kicking the habit is almost impossible.           Making meth from a variety of house hold chemicals is a biohazard nightmare when busts are made by local law enforcement agencies. The system is setup (or supposed to be) that when a home is raided with a meth lab onsite, that it is made public record.           Real Estate Agencies are supposed to be in the loop and it is supposed to be disclosed information.  However in many cases it is not, for the previous tenants were never Caught so noone is the wiser to the precense of this deadly residue.      How does this pertain to a home with potential "Haunting" Status?           Have you gotten reports of a house that at times the "walls bleed" walls oozing a sludge during a paranormal event?           Have you read outlandish paranormal reports?           Methamphetamine when manufactured produces some seriously toxic waste that permeates the air and the environment around it.      It literally collects on surfaces like door handles, light switches, air vents, ceiling fans, above door jambs.........any place dust collects meth residue collects.  Wooden surfaces especially collect these vapors due to the pours of the wood.           Did you know that exposing yourself to these traces from a former (unknown) meth lab location, CAN and DO induce hallucinations fitting the Paranormal Label!!!!!!!!           That during certain humidity levels usually later in the evenings, a former meth lab will Oooze from the walls, WALLS WILL BLEED!.            One of our studies when conducting an investigation is to test for meth.  As we too could be subjecting ourselves, and our staff to meth unknowingly. So if we ourselves have a "paranormal experience" then later when our tests come in indicating meth was present......... we have to dismiss ALL Personal Experiences. And on top of that, pretty much have to toss out all collected evidence as a truly Scientific Explanation has been found.           Not to mention, if we find meth present after we have completed our case study, we have to clean our equipment to remove any possible residue that may have come in contact with our gear.      Not all stories, reports, incidents or accounts of paranormal ...............are paranormal.  99% of all activity has a simple and often overlooked explanation.  More Scientific Possiblilites are coming stay tuned. Jason Mansfield - Founder / Lead Analyst Paranormal Studies of Arkansas Anomalous Environmental Studies Analyst Apparitons Among Us - Coming Soon! Supernatural In The Natural State - Coming Soon! Haunted Arkansas FAQ Privacy Policy Press About Us PSA
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